Why Use Mybandyourband

Why Use www.mybandyourband.co.uk?

First of all…hi, how are you? We hope your well and safe and doing ok during this horrible time.

As D REAM once said ‘things can only get better’ and they will…might take a little longer than we all thought, might even be a bit different but it will get better so…

7 Reasons To Use www.mybandyourband.co.uk

  1. We’re FREE to use, so use us along with other sites and get maximum exposure.
  2. We are the fastest growing website of our type.
  3. ALL adverts are individually checked and vetted by a member of mybandyourband (and yes sometimes we might amend them)
  4. ALL adverts are cross posted onto our Facebook page which has over 7000 members and growing daily. https://www.facebook.com/mybandyourband/
  5. ALL ‘Featured Ad’s’ receive extended listings at the top of the page.
  6. ALL ‘Featured Ad’s’ get a targeted paid for ‘boosted post’ on Facebook in your specific area for maximum exposure.
  7. We actually showcase your bands video on our website for FREE (original music only) just send it in to us!

We are NEW…the site is only 6 months young. The site is run and maintained by a very small number of real amateur musicians who all know how hard it is to strt a band, join one or find the right people to get something going – it ain’t easy and we know this.

We started¬†https://www.mybandyourband.co.uk not to be better than any other site (though in time hopefully we will become one of them) but to provide another platform which is actually ‘monitored’ by real people and also to try and offer a few other options to you that some sites might not.

We are not Amazon or Google the site is maintained on a very small budget (you can tell that we are actually musicians then!!) improvements will be made in time and we welcome any suggestions you may have, just email us on the ‘contact’ button, we’d really appreciate that.

Cheers for check’n in and check’n us out. Stay Alert, Stay Safe, – Play Music!