Welcome to mybandyourband.co.uk, why not join us?

www.mybandyourband.co.uk is a brand new classified ad’s website for musicians wanted/offered, subscription free and free to use.

If your looking to join a new band or start a new group or perhaps promote yourself or your service then please join us and use our site.

We offer a very simple registration process and you can place your ad for free in the area closest to you immediately. No monthly fee, no ‘pop up’ ads getting in the way just a free to use platform to help you on your way to your next project.

The site as you can see is BRAND NEW, so don’t be shy..if your the first to post in your area, than congratulate yourself for being a pioneer and also realise that you will be getting maximum exposure, especially as we will be promoting this site on social media etc so give us a ‘follow’ on FB or Instagram.

We are real musicians behind this site, very few of us (its like being in a band running a band/musician site 🙂 so join us and use us, if not now then perhaps at some point in the future if you need to.

We are also aiming to promote local acts by posting their original music video content on our site, something that we hope in time will grow ever larger. To start with we are highlighting videos on our mybandyourband home page which in time will grow, hopefully!

We are testing the site all the time, its so new we do find the odd glitch both on PC & mobile, when we see them we fix them but if you see them first please feel free to tell us (be nice) and we will get onto it.

Above all else, enjoy it and enjoy the music.

MBYB admin.