New Videos, New Listings, New Registrations

So, new featured video by Between Suns a London based band. The video is ‘Sun Ra’ they dropped us a PM and just asked if we would feature one of their videos (they have a few!) and we said YES..we’re nice like that! They are also on the look for a drummer to add to their ranks so if your in the London area check out their ad in this site! (London)

We are growing day by day…slowly slowly catchy monkey (not quite sure what that means) but new listings are going on every day..the site is only 1 Month old..but its starting to roll…so thank you everyone.

Same applies to ‘registrations’ ‘users’…whatever…we like to call them friends..more and more everyday. Not everyone is looking for a new band member every day..but everyone who is in a band (and some of us here are) understands that when you need a replacement or a new ‘thing’ you have to post on ALL platforms available..we are the youngest, newest and hopefully freshest..just here to help you find the person who fits! So use us 🙂