New Featured Ad’s Feature For 2020

New Featured Ad’s Feature For 2020

So what really is a Featured Ad? A featured ad is your advert ‘pinned’ to the top of the page for extra exposure. All ad’s start at the top of the page and then start to drop down as new ads are posted but ‘featured ad’s’ will always stay at the top of the page for the allotted period (currently 1 month) and when finished will drop down and just become a normal ad.

So whats the NEW feature?

Well all adverts are cross promoted on our facebook page for FREE. If your not following us you can do that here:

But for 2020 anyone who places a Featured Ad will get that ad cross promoted on a ‘highlighted’ special ad to the FB page. We will also extended your featured Ad for an extra month and we will also ‘Boost‘ your ad on Facebook for FREE. This will be a paid BOOST of your ad specifically in your geographical area. So if you looking for a bass player in Birmingham then your ad will get a FREE Facebook BOOST in the Birmingham area.

This is part of our commitment to helping you find the right people to collaborate with, join or start a band with. Of course you can still place a free ad (you could do both?!) and we welcome all new listings whether ‘Featured’ or not.

The site is starting to grow, more and more people are starting to use this new offer is part of a number of packages we will be implementing during 2020 including an improved listings page!

Watch this space!!…well not necessarily this space but the site in general!