NAMM 2020: Rumours, News, Predictions and Teasers

Namm 2020:

So Namm 2020 (16th January) kicks off with everyone excited to see whats ‘new’ in the industry this year. All the usual suspects will be out and about displaying their new wares. So what is new this year?? Well our good friends over at Music Radar have got the lowdown on what to expect so check out link below:

Personally really liking the look of the new REVV G20 and Mooer are really going for it in terms of floor based effects (rack unit please!) also watch out for the new Neural DSP Quad Cortex though at £1600.00 landed approx may be a little pricey??

Always a great array of new and shiny things to see so let the FOMO begin! As always looking forward to watching the Andertons boys start out all excited bright & bouncing and then being totally shattered by the end, but their videos are always worth a watch!