@mybandyourband – For All The New Visitors – ‘hello’

Just to say who we are and what we do. We are an on-line based Classified Add's Website for musicians.Yes another one! 😀 We are aiming to grow the site 'organically' from scratch with real people searching for other musicians to collaborate with. We could fill it full of spoof fake ad's to make it look super busy from day one, anyone can do that but we haven't..be brave, be one of the first and don't worry, the more ad's you put on more sites, the more chance you have of success in finding what/who your looking for. So use us all. Most of us are FREE, we are..no subscriptions or pop up ads. Just place an ad and see what happens?
The same principle applies to this FB page to. Everyone, whether that be 10 or 100,000, will be real and genuine people, not 'bought' likes or follows from dodgy sites, Real People (good band!) We also like to promote band videos on the site for FREE, this also will grow in time. So thank you to all of you so far, if you think you could 'share' us or help promote us to people you know or who might be interested, then we'd really appreciate that support. Thank you all so far.