Vocalist for metal band OSHA looking for members

London, Stratford
November 24, 2019
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Vocalist for metal band OSHA looking for members

Hi there guys!

My name is Patrick and I am vocalist/guitarist for a project of mine called OSHA, I am looking for a guitarist, drummer and bassist to complete the line up.

I have competently finished my first album ''CONNECTED'' and I have started the process of recording the second album right now, my main influences are bands like Gojira, Death, Architects, Sepultura, Metallica, slipknot.

I will post a music video I finished recently for one of the songs from the first album to give you a rough idea of the sound, however My song writing has developed a lot since I wrote the first album so expect something a lot more developed and epic sounding.

I am quite a philosophical and spiritual person so the lyrics are often about things that are very important to me.

Please only contact me if you are interested in JOINING the band, I am not looking to form a new band, but for people to play the material I have already written. Thanks so much guys!


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