Very experienced frontman looking for projects

Devon, From Plymouth out.
November 16, 2019
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Very experienced frontman looking for projects

Very experienced front-man, singer, guitarist. Looking to get back into music for fun and gigs after a 12 year time out.

Relocated from Yorkshire to Plymouth area. I have been lucky enough to have worked with some amazing musicians over the years and have had the chance to play some truly awesome gigs all over the UK.

I would like a last fling and have some fun, before I hang up my guitar, so open to ideas. I am a high energy, charismatic performer, with stage presence who knows how to capture an audience.

Just need to build up my performing confidence, lungs and swagger, keen to get my gigging mojo back. I still have some equipment, including pa,s, desk, Mic's, Processors etc. So good to go.

Would love to strip it back a bit and play some loud, gritty and cool rock n roll. Maybe even throw in the odd ballad as well as add a fresh spin to some good covers. I would be happy doing some original stuff too.

I have a strong attention to detail and excellent work ethic (which probably means that as much as I want to be relaxed about things, I am to some a bit of a pain in the arse, but only about doing things as well as they can be done.

I also don't just carry a mike in and expect everything else to be done for me!) Get in touch to have a chat as very friendly and team minded, open to ideas so look forward to hearing from you.

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