Trumpet player available

Somerset, Southwest
February 15, 2020
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Trumpet player available

Luís M.

Engelman Mouthpieces Endorsed Artist 🎺🇧🇷🇵🇹

Former Army trumpet player in Portugal, has played in the Symphonic 

Army Band and The Military Band of Évora.

Studied trumpet at the Conservatoire of Music in Coimbra, The Trinity College of Music - London, and at the University of Évora (Classical Music) with 

the Teacher Pedro Monteiro!


Luis has played in bands and orchestras all around Portugal, from north to

south, from big bands to classical orchestras and concert bands, as principal 

Trumpet and soloist, including dozens of them as a guest artist, some examples are: Banda Filármonica 

Lyra Barcoucense, Banda de Mourão, Banda de 

S.João da Madeira, Banda de Portel, Banda de Nsa Sra de Machede, Big 

Band da Vidigueira, Banda dos Bombeiros Voluntários de Alvito, Banda de Lorvão, The Magic Jazz Band (Co-founder), Banda da Pampilhosa do Botão, Banda da Pampilhosa 

da Serra, Banda de Ançã, Orquestra clássica da Universidade de Évora 


many more!

Luis has completed a lot of Masterclasses and courses, as the 1st and 2nd Brass Masterclass in Taveiro (Portugal) and the 1st Chamber Music course in Fermentelos (Portugal), the Advanced Wind Band Masterclass of John Packer in Taunton, The Advanced Wind Band Masterclass of "Once loved musical items" 2019 and 2020 in Wellington, and finished in 2019 one year of Online Course with the Brazilian Trumpeter and international Soloist Flávio Gabriel etc

and has been taught by 


musicians such as Fernando Vidal (Trumpet), Pedro Monteiro (Trumpet, Gulbenkian Orchestra and Portuguese Symphony Orchestra, Hot Club Portugal-Big Band), Lechner (Trumpet, international Soloist), Paulo Viveiro (Latin Grammy Winner, international trumpet soloist), João Coca (Trumpet, Ole, BSE, Phil Collins Legacy) 

Sergio Carolino (Yamaha Tuba player), Luís Granjo (Trumpet), Martin Wills 

(British conductor and Basson player/composer), Daniel Tapadinhas (Trum-

pet), Flavio Gabriel (Brazilian international soloist and founder of the 

"Trompete online", Trumpet), Christopher Consitt Bochmann (Conductor/-

Composer), Daniel Pogorzelski (Polish - Jazz Sax Player) Stephen Smith (Ex Royal Marines Band Conductor), Sam Hairsine (The Royal Marines Band conductor), Nigel Seaman (Musical Consultant to Cory Band, the best brass band in the world), Andy Stark (Ex Royal Marines Band Trumpet Soloist), Duncan Stubbs (former Principal Director of Music of  Royal Air Force) , Bob Spiller (Conductor, Trumpeter, Ex-Royal Marines Band) and many more...


Now based in England, Luis is the Principal/Soloist Trumpet of the

Taunton Concert Band, Lead/Soloist Trumpet of the Deane Big Band, and Solo cornet of Phoenix Brass Band, Lead trumpet with Bertie's Big Band, Trumpet of The Skaravan Club and Freelance Musician for studio records or live shows! 

Luis recorded for many Band's tracks and albums, and made section arrangements.  Recently recorded the new single from Nederveen, and the new single from the Irish Singer Marie Therese, from Dublin, who came to record in England. She worked with the label Island Records from the Universal Records. 


In England Luis already played in the past Lead Trumpet with Groove-a-Licious (funk/soul band), 1st trumpet/soloist 

with the Wednesday Classical Orchestra,Lead trumpet/soloist 

with the Tone Big Band, 1st Trumpet with the Somerset County Orchestra, Trumpet with the Big Noise Street Band, freelance with The Motown Gold Band from Earcandy, the Regal Theatre pit orchestra, has played two times live  at the BBC Radio, played 1st Trumpet as a guest the Rite of Spring from Stravinsky with the Brunel Symphony orchestra etc... 


Luis performed solo in a lot of different countries, as Switzerland, Luxembourg, Portugal, England and Jersey, Spain and Wales!


Winner of the PTrumpet HyTech, offered by Warwick Music UK - 2019 🎺


He also Teaches Trumpet and works on his music studio where he produces, composes and records. 

Recently Luis brought to the market his first trumpet method and his finishing his new Trumpet album called "Latin Soul" with the British producer Martin Selwood 🎶🎶🎶🇵🇹🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇧🇷 


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