Singer / frontperson wanted

Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset
February 8, 2020
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Singer / frontperson wanted

We're a covers band based in South Bristol. We rehearse once per week and aim for about a gig per month.

We have an established set list (with our previous, male singer) but we’re happy to learn a load of new songs if it suits your voice better.

The criteria for choosing our songs has generally been - well known, danceable, fun to play, work well with what we have, and we try not to do too many of the songs that every other cover band does. So there hasn't been a specific genre - maybe indie rock/pop/funk covers it.

We've played 38 gigs over five years in our most recent guise. We’d like to be doing more but the singer/bass player has decided to quit because he no longer wants the pressure of performing.

Our sound guy has stepped up on bass so we're just lacking vocals.

Members of the band contribute a lot of backing vocals and can take the lead on a few songs as required.

We're not pro players, but play to our strengths and get a good sound. We don't do it for money, though we tend to get paid gigs that cover expenses and put a bit in the band kitty for the occasional band night out or curry.

We have our own, great sounding, professional PA and great equipment and transport. Overall it's low stress and good fun.

We are three males, aged around 50, but you don't have to be.

What we do ask is that you are committed to rehearsing and gigging roughly as per the commitments above; that you can sing a bit and command a stage; that you are up for having some fun and making some memories with us.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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