Rhythm guitar player and song writer looking join a band or form one

London, Putney. Kingston, Richmond, wandsworth, Fulham, central London, epsom, Molsey ,South West London
February 15, 2020
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Rhythm guitar player and song writer

Hello all

I am a 49 year old guitar player/song writer. I have released two tracks in the last band that I was in. Here are some links just copy the first two links into the search field in Spotify.



An old band video on YouTube here     https://youtu.be/gxxhQqzc_Ac

I still work with the drummer from time to time he is an excellent musician.

I have some demos listed here on sound cloud

Any way I'm a very easy going person and I am open to all sorts of ideas. To be honest I love to write and contribute, but if you just need me to play the songs you have in the way you want, I'm content to do just that. My ego is firmly in check..

Best Regards



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