On the hunt for band mates, think DOOM soundtrack

Cleveland, Stockton, Hartlepool
July 29, 2020
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On the hunt for band mates, think DOOM soundtrack

Hey there,
I'm a 31 year old drummer and as by the title am looking into the idea of starting a metal band...think DOOM soundtrack primarily 😜 but also taking Inspiration from meshuggah

I'm looking for like minded musicians in the area to try this out, planning on maybe covering a couple of the games better known tracks but I also want to try and write original stuff in the same theme.

Looking for :
And some form of DJ/synth wizard 😝

I do have other commitments outside of band stuff so my time is limited but if this works then I'd like to try making a big thing of it 🤘🏻

If your interested give me a message on here or on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AtomicDrummer

Alternatively you can check out my other bands and such on YouTube (totally different stuff but you can see what I can do lol)

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