Alt Rock Music Collaboration Anyone?

Norfolk, Norwich & Surrounding
August 20, 2020
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Alt Rock Music Collaboration Anyone?

Looking to collaborate with fellow musician  for originals music project/virtual band/DAW home based etc..

Based on the concept of writing & recording original music (using DAW) and seeing what develops.

Looking to share ideas, riffs, develop melodies into full songs etc on a serious hobby type basis but the music to be decent standard.

Type of music would ideally be in the ‘Alt Rock’ category as that seems to be the sort of stuff I tend to riff – straight forward melodic, catchy (hopefully!) alt/indie rock.

Not looking to be deliberately ‘different’ - if that’s where the songs go then happy to follow the music – but ideally looking to perform more catchy ‘anthemic’ soundscape songs/music...if at all possible? Think Feeder type stuff…

Influences range from more modern bands such as U2 (modern??), Angels & Airwaves, Feeder, Strange Vacation, July For Kings (the last two are small Alt Rock USA bands) through to older bands such as Icehouse, Flock of Seagulls, Outfield etc...too many to list quite frankly.

I am not a songwriter or lyric writer, but happy to input, I noodle ‘riffs’ that could be songs?? So looking for someone to join up with to collaborate on my stuff or your ideas?

Ideally a singer/guitarist type??..doesn't matter.. and who also wants to do something originals based in a non ‘full band’ set up ie: remote working via skype/zoom maybe meets up as and when possible etcc

Ability to ‘home record’ will be required ideally – doesn’t have to be Abby Road Studios but bounce WAV ideas back and forth would be good.

Not worried if you are already in a band that’s fine as I am not looking to do a full on band thing. This would be a side ‘fun’ project hopefully producing decent music.

I have some examples on Souncloud under the name of ‘Rival Gods’ (just a working title) I’ll paste a link below, the riffs on there are kind of full tracks but have no vocal mainly because I can’t sing but also I really want someone else's take on the riffs.

(THEY ARE DEMO’s so not the best quality..get that in quick!)

I’m not precious about the music nor am I saying that they are ‘great tunes’ they are just a starting point so am very happy to change stuff if need be, if you have songs/ideas, maybe partially recorded to use then that would be great, total collaboration is what it’s all about believe it or not I don’t just want to hear the stuff I write!!

I’m not looking for fame or fortune with this idea, just for fun but serious.. at 50 years young am looking to do something originals based for the pure enjoyment of music.

If any of this is remotely interesting and fancy doing something 'musical' with this music or yours then drop me a message.

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