-METAL- Sutalkerah looking for Lead Guitar Player

London, London
February 10, 2020
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-METAL- Sutalkerah looking for Lead Guitar Player

Gigs lined-up for June in both UK and Europe

Sutalkerah, london based metal band, looking for Lead Guitar player, you can find instrumentals of the songs that are ready to go on this soundcloud link:

The project is focused on Groovy thrash/death metal with influences that can vary from Nu metal to tribal world music, hardcore, NWOAHM, melodic death, doom, swedish and literally any influence from any music allowed and no instruments restriction, anything can serve the purpose. The point is to have a main thread recognizable but without being labled for a very specific niche or genre.

There's a lot of material ready to be published and a lot more coming on, aiming to play gigs as much as possible, and publishing songs and videos as soon as the band is ready.

Not looking for session players, looking to put togheter a band made of people interested in the project.

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