Looking for band members

London, Central / Weat Ealing
October 4, 2019
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Looking for band members

Hi, I am a singer-songwriter looking to find nice reliable people to work with creat, rehears, gig and record I have released an album and currently working on new songs. I have gigged in London for the last 3 years.

I play acoustic guitar mainly, dabble on bass and not too bad on the old keyboard eather. I record and produce music and pritty involved in organising music events too. Looking for Bass, lead guitar and drums/percussionist.

Also other instruments are more then welcome.

Flute, sitar tables and other world instruments would be a dream. Im in it for the music and work I hard (some say I'm hard to work with ;) not looking for the rocknroll lifestyle so if you like heavy drinking or have a massive ego then probably not going to work (Happy to go for a drink/smoke after).

My influences are all over the place from jazz to prog rock it's more about what touches me then a high musical ability. Can't wait to find the right like-minded people, bring it on.

live clips:

Travelling Souls album Going places:

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