Lead singer looking to create a Rock/ Blues Band

Hertfordshire, Stevenage
February 21, 2020
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Lead singer looking

I am a singer/songwriter who plays guitar at an advanced level. I have a 3 octave range with a contralto register 🎶🎵 As my voice is quite bassy I have a pretty distinct sound which I find doesn't fall under typical genre brackets.

I'm looking to create a band of rock/ blues influence though I'm very open to cross over genres.

I'm looking for a lead guitarist, rhythm, bass and drums...though keyboard can be included too if we get the set up right!

My minimum age requirement is I would prefer people over 25.

Ideally I would love to have a diverse mix of ethnicity in the band if possible but it's not essential. The main thing is we have fun, make great music and then hopefully go on to gigs and more serious stuff later on.

If anyone is interested please do reach out 😊🤘🎸

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