Guitar Setups, Repair and Maintenance

Oxfordshire, Oxford and surrounding
September 11, 2020
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Guitar Setups, Repair and Maintenance

I offer excellent setups for acoustic, electric, and bass guitars to get your instruments playing at their best.

Action, intonation and truss rod adjustments, and fret levelling, crowning and polishing are things that every guitar needs done from time to time.

Even new guitars will usually need some work done as factory setups tend to be fairly cursory, with high action at the nut and bridge, and usually a few high frets which require some spot levelling. Electric guitars will usually need their pickups adjusted for optimal output and balance.

I also do repairs and maintenance; repairing broken or cracked head stocks, necks and bodies, re-frets (whole and partial), machine head replacement, electric and acoustic pickup installation and replacement, and whatever else might need done.

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