Filthy violin/viola/Fiddler required for established signed band

London, London, herts, beds . bucks, surry or within 30 mile radius
July 20, 2020
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Filthy violin/viola/Fiddler required

Greetings….. Yes we are all in lockdown we know but when we get the all clear and all is safe then THE FILTHY SPECTACULA will be seeking THE Violin player for us- to add melody and swing to our original quirky tunes. The music we make is best described as a hybrid of gypsy punk, pirate punk, celtic punk, dark cabaret, theatrical ,punk, ska, steampunk and tinges of the gothic-so unique in as much as we do not want to sound like anyone really just us!

We currently consist of -vocal, electric guitar, accordion, bass, drums ....and you on violin perhaps

We are looking for a BAND MEMBER so not a dep or stand in and as a crew member. You will be involved with all the behind the scenes work that goes into a functioning band and be a part of the workings e.g. chasing gigs etc.

We are London /south east based when we rehearse but we play U.K. wide at the weekends (as we all have day jobs)

We are 100% about the music but the visual aspect of THE FILTHY SPECTACULA is as equally important so you will need to be on board with that. We want someone who plays for the love of it & not just for the money (cos there ain’t none) & if this is you then roll up, roll up!- but mercenaries, glory hunters, blues, funk, AOR types & please (because we have had our share) no divas, dramas, druggies....just talented violin players please.

We are signed to a small independent label & have a new (best of) album out on Amazon (Vagabonds, thieves, lovers & liars), plus 2 self released albums and a bunch of videos on youtube /spotify.

We are looking out for a talented individual who can play with power and creativity to add that extra element to the music as well as add a new personality to the band.

Before 'all this!' we had gigs lined up (& still in the pipeline) and we plan to record this year (we hope)

YOU need to have talent, transport, an easy going manner , be serious about what you do , don't be in 10 other bands...... if this is YOU then please send us some links of your playing. For NOW we will send you over some tunes to work on until we can sort out face to face auditions ....

Thanks for reading this far & we look forward to hearing from you- check us out on f/book, spotify and youtube Cheers

[email protected]

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