Do you need a female singer or backing vocalist

Greater Manchester, Stockport, Manchester
August 1, 2020
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Do you need a female singer or backing vocalist

Im a female singer looking to join a band .

I preferer to sing female power ballads i.e whitney huston i will always love you, celine dion all by myself, demi lovato stone cold ect.

I can sing other genres of music but my preference is pop.

I'm happy to audition for any band and im also happy to be a part time member of any band for example if a band needs a female singer for weddings or any other functions then i am happy to help out.

I can sing i can hold a note and hit those high notes, but i will be honest i have never been in a band and i want to be a part of one to improve my technique and help me with my confidence.

If your based in South Manchester and willing to help me out i would be forever grateful thank you for reading this and thank you for considering me much love, moon

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