What is MyBandYourBand?

We are a classified ad’s website for musicians who are looking for like minded people to either join band, start a band or find people to collaborate with. Simply place an ad about who you are and what you’re looking for or respond to an ad in your local area.

Why use MyBandYourBand?

We are a free to use and free to browse website. We think trying to advertise on as many sites as possible is the best thing you can do if you are serious about finding your next band to play with or join a band that’s already set up. So use us along with all the other great sites out there to help get you on your way.

Is it FREE?

Yes. We offer a free advertising platform once you have created your account, which is a very simple process. We also offer for those who want to a FEATURED ad service. For a small fee (PayPal only) we will place your ad ‘highlighted’ at the top of your regions page and it will stay there for the allotted time. Using this feature usually generates more interest and generally gains more views than standard free ads.

Placing an Ad – What Makes a Good Ad?

Simply click on Place FREE Ad button, choose between Free or Featured Ad’s and follow the steps. Choose the geographical area you are in. Please don’t post the same ad in every area (that will get seen as spam). A few either side of your County is fine. If you want to go National and why not!..then use the National tab. ABOVE ALL BE NICE! Please don’t use rude words or offensive phrases and keep it relevant.

Top Tips:

  • State your geographical area relevant to you in your ad (e.g. Birmingham City Centre, London NW7)
  • Put the age range of people you are looking for (even in this mad PC world thats ok! Well it is here!)
  • If you’re looking for a specific person – put that. Be clear and up front (again, it’s helpful and okay to do!) Say if you want to join a band.
  • If your looking to start a band from scratch, say that!
  • Put the type of music your aiming to do, give examples if you have some
  • Put as much simple, basic, relevant information as you can – you don’t need to write a thesis but above all BE HONEST ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR . If you’re a young band looking for similar people – then put that! You’ll save yourself time and other peoples time too. If your looking for crazy/zany avant gard pensioners then go for it, thats okay. Just be up front and honest about what you want – that does not constitute being rude or offensive.

Ad’s like ‘ Looking to form kick A$$ Band – Hit me up’ – are not great ads. Not enough serious info. If that’s what you want to put that’s fine and acceptable on this site but probably won’t get you the response you’d hoped for. Flesh it out with a bit of detail and you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

Replying to Adverts

Read the ad and if interested click on the ‘Send Message’ tab (top right hand corner under ‘profile’. You’ll need to be logged in and have an account to do this. These messages are private and can only be seen by the sender and receiver, they are not public and we do not offer public messages or public comments. Go to your ‘dashboard’ and check your messages in the drop down menu. You will also receive an email from us to let you know that you have a new message..BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM in first instance. Depending on your personal settings our email might go there first but you will still get the original message in your MBYB dashboard in your account. Phew!!

How Long Do Ad’s Last?

Featured Ad’s are chargeable and last for the allotted time. The benefit of Featured Ad’s is that they stay at the top of the listing page ‘highlighted’ and generally gain the highest views/interest. After the allotted time these ad’s drop down and join the Free ads listings as if they were Free ad’s and will then stay on for six months. They will then automatically expire and self delete. You can delete your ad yourself at any time through your dashboard. * Featured Ad’s can sometimes take a little longer to appear due to payment processing – but is worth the wait 🙂

I Can’t Set Up An Account? – Help!

On rare occasions MBYB site does not seem to like Edge or Android web browsers – this is the no.1 cause for people not being able to set up an account – which is annoying – we know! If this is the case please try again and if possible use Chrome to do it with.

Also top tip – do not use ‘characters’ ie: $#~$ as part of your user name or password.

How to Feature your Video

We’d love to see what you do. We’d love to promote your video on our site for FREE. Simply email us your Youtube link or Vemo etc. If we like it (and I’m sure we will) we’ll post it on our front page and across all regions for max exposure..simple as that. Contact us on the About Us page.

Can I Report Spam/Offensive Listings?

Yes, you most certainly can!! We really want this site to be a clean, fun and friendly place for musicians to advertise on and use. So if you see something that you think is either spam, offensive or inappropriate and we haven’t spotted it first, then please report it to us and we will remove it. Either use the tab at the top of the ad or email us directly to report it.

Can I Ask a Question?

Yes, of course you can. Send us a message via the email tab on the ‘About Us’ page and we will do our very best to get back to you and answer ASAP. Please remember we’re not full time or paid so if it takes a little longer than you’d hoped for then apologies! How do I join a band? Just place an ad today and make it happen.

You can also contact us via our Facebook page which we regularly update. You can do this here:

Lost or Forgotten Password?

Don’t despair – help is at hand. Simply type in your ‘user name’ or ’email’ used to set up your account into the ‘Reset Password’ box on the ‘Log In/Register’ page and a link will be sent to you – this can in some instances take a few hours but is normally instant – BUT CHECK YOUR SPAM folder as sometimes re set links go there. If really stuck contact us either by e-mail or on our Facebook page and we will get back to you.

There is a GLITCH – HELP?

We have done our very best to troubleshoot our way through the site but surprise, surprise we may have missed something? If we have, please don’t shout at us, get angry, have a guitar player hissy fit – we’re sorry. Just let us know and we will work with our developers to resolve it as quickly as possible so we can all enjoy this site. (sorry to all guitarists – we know you don’t have hissy fits)

What if I have a Great Idea?

Then please tell us, we’d love to hear it. So many people have great ideas if you have one and think we could benefit from it, we’d be eternally grateful and buy you lollipops for ever. If we like it, can afford to implement it and use it we’ll send you something nice and give you (or your band?) a shout out…it wont be a Porsche or a record deal (sorry) but probably some swag/merch and a BIG thank you from us and you can keep that warm glow of achievement in your heart for ever 😊

Above all, please use and enjoy the site. Be nice to everyone, if you get involved in contacting people don’t ‘ghost’. Just say you’ve had a change of mind and find something else that may be more suited to you. If you do join a band, we’d love to hear about it so let us know!


MBYB team