Getting Back To Normal??

So with Covid restrictions ‘starting’ to reduce – we are now seeing the green shoots of live music returning, early days but its happening.

Rehearsal studios are now starting to see a steady increase in bookings, live shows (mainly outdoors) are starting to happen and bands are now starting to come out of enforced hibernation.

To say its been difficult, for this largely ignored/forgotten industry is an understatement to say the least – but many have been tirelessly trying to keep things going with the help of Zoom, Facebook live etc, many have used the time to write new material, some have just had a break and used the time to recharge.

We think 2022 is going to be a great year for music and live music…..well lets at least hope so.

We have seen a steady increase in members over the last two months (since April) approx 10 -20 new members a week which at least shows that musicians are still out there and still keen to get together with like minded folk, now that we can, and do music once again.

Stay safe, keep playing.