Classified Ad’s For Musicians – Write A Good One

Classified Ad’s For Musicians

Ok so what is a classified ad and how do you write /post a good one. Classified advertising is a form of  advertising which is particularly common in newspapers, online and other publications which may be sold or distributed free of charge. Classified advertisements are much cheaper than larger display advertisements used by individuals. They were also commonly called “want” ads, starting in 1763. Well that is the Wikepedia definition!

Our definition is: its a written ad you  place in the appropriate section describing who or what your looking for.

A Good Classified Ad

A good classified ad is an ad where you keep it simple but put down enough information to make someone realise that you are serious and are serious about finding someone.

Some of the key things you should put in your ad. What your looking for. The type of music you play or want to play. Are you an originals band or a covers band. How often do you rehearse? How often do you want to gig? Whats your age again (sorry that’s a Blink182 ref!)..What is your band age range.

Top Tips:

  • State your geographical area relevant to you in your ad (e.g. Birmingham City Centre, London NW7)
  • Put the age range of people you are looking for (even in this mad PC world thats ok! Well it is here!)
  • If you’re looking for a specific person – put that. Be clear and up front (again, it’s helpful and okay to do!)
  • Put the type of music your aiming to do, give examples if you have some
  • Put as much simple, basic, relevant information as you can – you don’t need to write a thesis but above all BE HONEST ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR . If you’re a young band looking for similar people – then put that! You’ll save yourself time and other peoples time too. If your looking for crazy/zany avant gard pensioners then go for it, thats okay. Just be up front and honest about what you want – that does not constitute being rude or offensive.

See also as a great starting point:

Most Importantly

Be honest! Whats wrong with that. If you engage in a conversation with a potential candidate and then realise they are not for you, just be polite and say that. Dont ‘ghost’ that’s bad form. Also one of the most important things is to use more that one platform…USE ALL OF US! Join My Band is good Band Mix can work too some sites charge. (thats us!) is FREE though you can opt for a ‘Featured’ ad for more exposure but we are not and never will be subscription based.