Can I Place My Video In My Advert???…Errrr YES!

Place video in advert-How?

Had a few questions asking if your show reel video or band video can be ‘inserted’ into your advert so potential applicants can see who you are and what you do.

Simple answer is YES you can, if you have one. Some other sites either charge for this or you just cant due to the way the site is built…well, you can on this site.


Your video must already be set up and approved on Youtube. Simply click on the ‘share’ tab…then click on the blue ‘copy’ word next to the code (not embed) and then paste that into your advert.

Your video should then show in the text of your advert. Best place is to put it is at the bottom, that way people will read your ad first and then click on the link.

Extra bonus points if anyone checks out this particular video!