mybandyourband aims to offer something a little different:

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This is a site run by musicians for musicians. We know how difficult it can be at times to find the ‘right’ band members available for your next project, duo, band, orchestra or ukulele group! There are some great sites already out there doing a great job. Facebook, Joinmyband, BandMix to name check a few. All great ways of searching. Now you have mybandyourband and we hope you’ll use us too.

Drummers, guitarists, bassists, vocalists, producers, DJs and other musicians are visiting mybandyourband every day. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now. Post your ad today or reply to one. If you don’t make it happen it probably won’t happen!

We also have a Facebook page which is regularly updated. All ad’s are cross promoted on that page for FREE. Featured Ad’s get a special ‘Featured Post’ Please find us/follow us and share us here:

Oooooh, look what else we do!!!

Want Your Music Video Featured?

We’ve included ‘featured video’ blocks on both the main page and regional local pages. Why? So we can ‘feature’ your music video! Let us help you promote your band a little. For FREE! Send us your original music video. We like it? We post it on this site for a bit of added exposure. That’s it, no strings (is that a pun?). If you don’t want to that’s fine just browse a little. See who else is out there. Check out music you may not have heard of before. Watch ‘gear’ reviews. See interviews by ‘fellow’ musos who are in the industry, both behind the scenes and in front.

The Background of Us (good band name!)

All of us involved with MBYB have spent many years in bands (most of us are still in bands). We know first hand how difficult it is to find the right band members available to succeed. At any level. hether that be pubs, clubs or Wembley! All of us are experienced amateur musicians and semi pro musicians based all over the UK working together collectively on this site. We’ve started this site because we love music and all things ‘band life’. This site (as of 2019) is brand new. We are not trying to save the world or re-invent the wheel, that’s been done (well saving the world hasn’t but that’s a whole other thing!).

We’re here to offer another platform to help you with that difficult search. If you’re serious about finding the right people then you have to be serious about listing yourself, who you are what you want and on as many sites as is possible. We want this site to be successful and grow and be a friendly useful platform for everyone to use but we need your help for that so please join us and please use us.

If you feel like it, send us a message to see what we could do to improve the site, be nice, we’re new! We don’t have all the answers, we only have a very small budget, but if you have a great idea or think we’re missing something, then let us know.  We’ll probably send you something cool as a thank you if we use it, we’re nice like that too. (Don’t get too excited it’ll probably be a mbyb t-shirt…but that’s cool!)


MBYB team